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Charles Borskey founded Sportsmobile in 1961 and the company immediately began converting vans into motorhomes. They are now the oldest Class B motorhome manufacturer in North America and remarkably Charles Borskey is still the owner. Over the years Sportsmoblie kept adding options to their van conversions making them one of the best van campers available. In 1974 they introduced the Penthouse roof and made an optional 4×4 system available in 1989. Today the company is converting Ford, Chevy, and Mercedes-Benz vans into pleasant motorhomes which can serve many other purposes. The manufacturer gives the customer an outstanding amount of choices so they can design it just the way they want it. They will make it to your specifications and sell it to you at 1 of their 3 factory direct locations. Even though Sportsmobiles do have a lot of amenities, they are not like owning a larger RV. Sportsmobiles are designed to be a quality motorhome, but they are also capable of being an everyday driver. Sportsmobile has a survey that shows that 98% of Sportsmobile owners also use it a family car because (they state) these are “comfortable to drive, easy to park, economical to operate, and have very good resale value.

Sportsmobile has an easy process for customers to select the van conversion of their choice. First the customer selects a Ford, Chevy, Mercedes-Benz, or Nissan van and can also choose between a regular body or an extended body. Next the customer will choose from one of four tops, varying from pop-tops to extended tops. Next they can choose a standard floorplan, or they can build their own floorplan. The last step is choosing all of the options that the customer wants their conversion van to have. After the customer is finished with their choices and designs, Sportsmobile will build it for them exactly as the customer specified.

Find out how Sportsmobile compares to other Class B manufacturers in the area of construction, customer service and more. Our helpful buying tips have helped consumers save thousands when purchasing a motorhome. Order our RV Buying guide today.

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