Class B Motorhome Pros Cons

The average length is 16 to 21 feet and the average height is 7 to 8 feet. Towing capacity is 6,000 to 8,000 pounds on average. Class B’s are versatility while providing self-contained motorhome attributes. They are easy to drive, park and can fit in smaller off-road spots that are too hard or impossible to get to with larger Class C motorhomes.  Class B’s offer great gas mileage, they are fast on the road, and easy to find parts and mechanics for.
Class B Motorhome Pros:

Easy to drive on highway and around town. This RV is constructed from a van, [...] Continue Reading…

Roadtrek – Class B

Class B Motorhomes by Roadtrek                               
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Living in Kitchener, Ontario since 1953, Jac Hanemaayer has been involved in a variety of different businesses involving residential and commercial land development and home construction. In 1974 Mr. Hanemaayer was interested in buying an RV for his own personal use. He enjoyed Class A and C motorhomes because of the comfort and space that they had, but he wanted something smaller and easier to drive, a more mobile and convenient vehicle. When Hanemaayer could not find a model that had all of [...] Continue Reading…

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