What is Class B+

A Class B+ motorhome is a style of RV more closely resembling a Class C motorhome, with a cab-style front. Like all standard Class C motorhomes, this cab-style front does not have a sleeping area above the cab. The area above the cab in a Class B plus is often used for storage and/or an area for a TV.

Class B + is built on a larger chassis when compared to the smaller, standard Class B van chassis. The chassis under a Class B+ is usually the same chassis used in most Class C motorhomes, though Class B + motorhomes are a bit easier to drive compared to a standard size Class C motorhome. Basically a Class B plus is a mini version of a Class C motorhome.

Class B + motorhomes offer aerodynamic body styles – often made of a single fiberglass shell. Many consumers find this type of RV a better fit, especially if you want to stay longer at your favorite camping sites. Class B + motorhomes can accommodate up to 4 adults and most Class B’s have all of the same amenities as a Class C motorhome. The big advantage of course is fuel savings when it is time to fill up, Class B’s on average can get over 20 miles to a gallon, which is one reason why they are becoming so popular. They are also convenient as a means of local transportation or a second family vehicle.

Most RV manufacturers define a Class B+ motorhome as one that utilizes the space above the cap for a TV entertainment center and storage, but not having a sleeping space above the cap. However, there are some manufacturers that build motorhomes that fit this description perfectly, but the company still calls them Class C motorhomes.

While it is certainly the manufacturer’s choice to call their product whatever they want, to avoid confusion we will classify any motorhome under 30 feet that does not have a sleeping area above the cab as a Class B+ motorhome.

Advantages of a Class B+ motorhome:

  • Easy to maneuver and handle
  • Reasonably good gas mileage (12-16 miles to a gallon)
  • Optional use as an extra family vehicle
  • Easy to set up wherever you travel
  • Great towing ability
  • Fits in most home garages

Motorhome GuideThese are just a few of the many reasons to consider a Class B+ motorhome for your recreational vehicle. Our Motorhome Comparison Guide will help you make informed decisions regarding Class B and Class B+ motorhomes with fair and essential information that has been complied over a number of years. We cover everything from construction to buying tips, as well as important ratings such as customer satisfaction and performance.

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