Class B RV's“The Drivable, Garagable, Pop Top Camper!”

GTRV’s motto is “The Drivable, Garagable, Pop Top Camper!” and that is exactly what they have been building since 1994. After seeing the need for an affordable, high-quality pop-top camper van, GTRV began manufacturing and serving customers in both Canada and the U.S.  Initially the company started by using a full-size van or minivan and adding their camper designs in order to create a high-quality Class B RV conversion van. GTRV knows that owners use their vans for a lot more than just camping and that is why they design each and every van with multi-use in mind. GTRV vans can be used for anything and everywhere you are you will be pleased by their comfort. GTRV says, “Wherever you go, you’re always home!” Being factory direct and eliminating dealers save the company a lot of money, which they can pass on to the consumer. This factory direct process also allows them to build the best possible custom conversion van, specifically for the individual customer. GTRV offers “The van of your dreams with the best materials, best workmanship and best price!

Motorhome guideWhile GTRV specializes in manufacturing handmade, top quality conversion vans, they realize there is a demand for smaller, more efficient recreational vehicles; vans that can be used for an everyday driver, and yet still fulfill its motorhome purposes. GTRV has standard models that you can choose from, but they will custom build a conversion van just the way you want it. You simply choose the van chassis and design, and GTRV will do the rest.  You can begin your design right from the GTRV website. GTRV offers Ford-E Series (their most popular model), Chevy/GMC, and the Dodge Sprinter for their full-size vans. For their mini and mid-size vans, the Toyota Sienna is their most popular mini-van chassis. GTRV also builds from the Dodge Grand Caravan, Plymouth Grand Voyager, Chrysler T&C, Chevrolet Uplander/ Venture /Pontiac Montana, Chevy Astro, and the GMC Safari.

How does GTRV compare to other Class B manufacturers? How do I know if I am getting a good deal? Questions like these can be answered in our RV Comparison Guide on Motorhomes. To learn more or to order click here.

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