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In 1980 Roadtrek was born out of a need for a smaller motorhome that was easier to drive but with similar amenities of a larger Class A or Class C. Jac Hanemaayer designed a model himself and had it built by fledgling Home & Park Vehicles in the 1970′s. When he received his finished model, Hanemaayer was so impressed with it that he bought the company. Hanemaayer re-designed his units with Roadtrek’s now famous low profile roof, lowered floor and innovative three section floor plan. The result is the Roadtrek motto, “Fuel Efficient Motorhomes You’ll Love to Drive.”

In 1983 Roadtrek began selling to the U.S. and for the remainder of the 80s the company grew rapidly. By 1990 Roadtrek became the best-selling Class B motorhome in North America. Roadtrek’s #1 selling position required a bigger facility and in 1993 the company moved into a 120,000 sq. foot building, improving manufacturing. They now have over 200 full time employees and over 100 dealers all over North America.  

Roadtrek has nine different models to choose from so customers can find the model that is just right for them and their RV journey. Safety and high quality products are at the top of their list as a company.

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