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Leisure Travel VansTriple-E also builds Leisure Travel Vans

Triple E Recreational Vehicles began more than 45 years ago with a small 13-foot travel trailer. Today the company is located in Winkler, Manitoba Canada.  The plant in Winkler is highly integrated, meaning that most of the parts and fit and finish are made on site to Triple E’s exact specifications. The factory includes a welding shop, paint shop, fiberglass and mold shop, sewing and cabinet manufacturing departments.

 In 2008 Triple E RV acquired long time Class B van manufacturer Leisure Travel Vans and has since consolidated production into the Winkler facility. Next Triple E followed through with a plan to exit the towable RV.  Triple E RV was the first RV manufacturer in North America to build a Class B motorhome on a Sprinter chassis, the Serenity, and they were also the first to have a Murphy bed in a Class B+ motorhome. Today Triple E RV’s has shifted from the large Class A coaches to the Class B/B+/C markets, producing smaller motor homes.

Their Regency is truly a luxurious motorhome and comes in different lengths and floor plans to accommodate each individual consumer. It is a four season motorhome and can be used in all types of climates. It has a large storage capacity for a Class B+.

How does Triple E compare to other motorhome manufacturers in the industry? How do they rate in customer service and construction? Questions like these can be found in our Motorhome Comparison guide which rates over 42 different manufacturers in North America. Order your today.

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