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They began manufacturing in 1986 with just 12 employees building about 60 units per year out of a 5,000 sq. foot facility. Over the years Pleasure-Way has grown much larger and now they are the second biggest Class B motorhome manufacturer in North America. Now Pleasure-Way operates out of an 85,000 sq. foot building with over 170 employees who manufacture over 800 motorhomes per year. They are a family owned and operated company who possess a hard work ethic, striving to put the customer first. The company has worked very hard to develop a dealer network and currently have over 60 dealer partnerships around North America. Pleasure-Way is always focusing on expanding their dealer network in hopes that one day there will be a dealer near you, wherever you are.

Pleasure-Way has always believed in highest quality craftsmanship and that is why all of their interiors are hand crafted piece by piece. They believe in doing things the right way and they never cut corners or take the easy way out which is why they are Canada’s #1 selling Class B motorhome. They purpose to meet or exceed safety standards in their Class B motorhomes in both Canada and the U.S. Quality control is of highest priority for Pleasure-Way and that is why they manufacture each interior component of their motorhome in-house.

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